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Where-To-Stay Sitemap & Help

There are 3 main types of pages within our Where-To-Stay network:

1. Map Pages

Map pages come in two types:

  1. 100km Maps
  2. 50km Maps

The British Isles map on the homepage is divided into seventy-two 100km Maps corresponding to the Ordnance Survey Landranger system.

Each 100km Map is divided into four 50km Maps.

The maps show the location of places where we have accommodation, using the following small yellow square: Name of place goes here

If the square is not labelled, hovering the mouse pointer over it should reveal the name of the place that each square represents.

Clicking on the square will take you to the place page for that place.

Please start at our homepage and click in your desired square to go to the relevant 100km Map page. From here you can zoom in to any 50km quadrant of the map by clicking on an area with no yellow squares.

You can also navigate to adjacent maps by clicking on the arrows and borders that surround the current map.

2. Places Pages

Places pages list all the accommodation we have in that place.

Please see the about page for more information about the types of entries on these pages.

You can click on links in the See Also list at the top and bottom of the page to view the places pages of nearby places.

More information about the links included in these lists can be found by clicking on [?] next to the list.

Alternatively, use our powerful search facility to find all accommodation within a particular distance of the place, ordered by distance away from it.

3. General Pages

We also have general pages - like the homepage and about page.